Membership Options

You can see pictures from some of our past meets and social events here, or you can read our FAQ page for more info on things like when we meet and how far we run. You can also fill out this interest form to join our mailing list or join our GroupMe!


Cost: $30/academic year

We know that many people run for fun, to make friends, and to get fit, and also that some people prefer road races (like the Philadelphia Half Marathon or Broad Street 10-Miler) to cross country or track races. As a recreational member, you don’t run at our intercollegiate club cross country or track meets, but you do get:

  • Morning and afternoon group runs Monday-Saturday during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Group speed workouts designed by our coach and captains on Tuesdays (track workouts are held at historic Franklin Field!)
  • Weekend long runs, sometimes traveling to places like Wissahickon State Park or Valley Forge
  • Fun running scavenger hunts we hold 2-3 times per year
  • Non-running-related social activities like a formal, movie nights, dinners, karaoke, ice-skating, etc.
  • 15% discount at Philadelphia Runner, the local running store on campus
  • A team of runners where you can find training partners, camaraderie, and a way to stay healthy in college while also meeting awesome people and having fun

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Cost: $100/academic year

As a competitive runner, you get all the benefits of being a recreational member (see above) plus:

  • The option to compete in 5-7 meets per season (cross country in the fall, track in the spring) against other collegiate club running teams from around the country
  • Travel to the meets and hotels covered by the club
  • Tons of fun at said meets
  • An awesome team that’s among the top ten club running teams in the country
There are no cuts. Everyone is welcome on our team, and your level of commitment is entirely up to you. There are no mandatory practices and no requirement to attend meets. For recreational and competitive members, payment of dues can be done in cash or sent through Venmo to Alex Andrews @minpopman.

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